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We are now using non-GMO vegetarian capsules formed of pullulan. Pullulan is created by the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans during the fermentation of tapioca starch. 100% free from animal or timber products these capsules provide a superior oxygen barrier further ensuring the quality of our products. Pullulan capsules contain no artificial chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives. Starch-free & gluten-free. Halal and kosher certificates.

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Price: $12.00
Alumroot is very astringent and drying and can be used for occasional diarrhea, vomiting, and bleeding. Stimulates the immune system, supports healthy cholesterol levels, and high in anti-oxidants.
Tones the bladder and enhances function without irritating or over stimulating.
Supports the immune system during serious illness and flu. Supports health of the nervous system and upper GI tract as well as enhancing the immune system. Enhance the immune system to promote general wellness.
Relieves occasional muscle tension and swelling. To stimulate the immune system during parasitic infections. Nourishing the body to support strong bones, joint cartilage, hair, and nails.
Supports the immune system and upper respiratory tract to maintain a healthy response to substances which cause sensitivities. To support a healthy muscle and skeletal system while relieving occasional stiffness and pain.