Our journey began with inspiration, a renowned master herbalist, and an opportunity. After years of committed study and hard work this combination of knowledge and passion have become Woodland Wildcraft Company. Our commitment to crafting and attention to detail co-create an array of exceptional small-batch botanical products including oils, fresh plant tinctures, and other uniquely handcrafted herbal goods to benefit health and home.

Our mission.

Product mission:

To design, craft, and share botanical products of the finest quality utilizing responsibly sourced and ethically wildcrafted plants with a known history of beneficial action in support of healing and general wellness.

Economic mission:

To model socially and ecologically responsible business practices which generate sufficient fiscal resources for support of sustainable growth while maintaining customer affordability.

Social mission:

To foster holistic wellness and enrich community through non-profit sharing of plant lore and crafting techniques.

Central to our mission:

Aligning values with action.

Cooperation. Community. Connection.

Thoughtfulness. Gratitude. Respect. Integrity.

Stewardship for the well-being of future generations.

Action matters.

Product Mission in Action

A steadfast commitment to provide exceptional quality and affordability throughout our entire product line means that:

Ingredients are sourced locally and beyond organically.

Only certified organic oils are used in the crafting of our botanical goods.

Our prime wildcrafted herbs have matured far from sources of environmental pollution.

Stainless steel and glass are used throughout WWco’s storage, processing, and packaging.



Economic Mission in Action

At WWco we are contributing to the foundation of our healthier tomorrow.

As producers and as consumers the products we create and use contribute to the development of a robust and equitable economy, therefore we:

Return value to our customers and ensure widespread accessibility to our whole-plant botanical products by maintaining affordable prices.

Select business partners whose ethos embodies social and ecological responsibility.

Employ respect & equal opportunity in the workplace, provide cooperative wages & benefits, and offer a rewarding low-stress work environment.

Social Mission in Action

Our pledge of action in service of the well-being of community and ecology begins with ourselves at the local level and expands to include the vision of a cooperative and technologically interconnected global community.

It is our nature to seek efficiency and continual improvement, and so we:

Provide educational and community networking opportunities that invigorate connection between individuals and to nature.

Enrich local community through freedom of information.

Generate solar electricity on-site as a portion of our energy needs.

Use paper products that are sustainably sourced and/or recycled.

Use shipping and packing materials that are reused, recycled, and/or biodegradable.

Woodland Wildcraft

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