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The processing of plant materials for use in our products begins on harvest day. All work is completed by hand in small batches with the intention to craft products of the highest quality.


The majority of garbling occurs in the field, eliminating materials that will not be a part of the finished products. These materials such as dirt, moss, needles, and leaves are left in place where their contribution to habitat continues. Upon returning to our processing facility additional inspections are made before and during further processing.

Aerial portions of plants typically require little cleaning while underground portions are thoroughly washed with the aid of high-pressure fresh water sourced from a potable deep well. Washing of plant materials is accomplished quickly and without soaking or submersion, thereby avoiding the loss of valuable constituents. Plant materials are shade-dried for 1-2 hours, allowing rinse water to evaporate and/or providing time for any insects to move on. Herbs are then reduced in size as necessary to provide for high levels of consistency, quality, and efficiency in the extraction processes.


We selectively and carefully dry our plant materials by placing them in a dedicated drying space away from direct light. Drying of herbs is done gently at temperatures of 75F-90F thereby sustaining a minimal loss of heat sensitive plant constituents. Herbs are frequently rotated during the drying process, resulting in even and timely drying. Each rotation includes an additional visual inspection to ensure the absence of foreign materials, and to prevent over drying. Upon completion of the drying process plant materials are stored within airtight stainless steel containers and protected from exposure to sunlight within a temperature-controlled environment.


The extraction of our fresh plant tinctures is initiated within 24 hours of the harvest, carefully preserving the beneficial properties of each herb nearly unchanged from its living state.

Plant materials are immersed in a food grade alcohol/water blend allowing the capture of both alcohol and water-soluble plant components. ‘Active’ tinctures are agitated frequently and full extraction is complete after 3-8 weeks depending upon the density and oil content of the herb. Now a filter of 25 microns is used to separate the remaining plant solids from the completed tincture. The finished tinctures are then funneled into airtight containers, labeled, and boxed. Finally, our extracts are protected from light and kept cool within our temperature-controlled storage area.


The use of partially dried plant material reduces the likelihood of spoilage and allows the crafting of oil extractions with higher plant to oil ratios. The decision of when to infuse the herb is made based not only on the % reduction in moisture content, but also by its color, feel, and smell. By taking into consideration variations caused by seasonal and climatic factors we are able to provide a higher degree of product uniformity.


Our dedicated processing equipment is thoroughly cleaned between batches and separate equipment is employed for plants that are particularly oily or resinous. Robust documentation maintained throughout crafting enables us to continually improve our processes and to provide excellent consistency among our products.